About Us

I am Charlotte and i´m the one behind the_lottiebeads, as a child from Africa and part of my culture fashion are base on beaded jewelries, i decided to make something different with good quality out of Africanas authentic beads such as our Earrings, Neckles, Hair Bands, Anklet,Bracelet,Wrist beads,waist beads and Beads Rings.

For both Men, Women and Childrien.
Our items are handmade, styled authentic African beads are made of 100% recycled materials such as Glass, Pearls, Cystals ,cola bottles, broken windows, and other recycled materials which are then crushed down into a fine powder before being transformed into these beautiful ethnic beads. and especially natural stoneware Clay.
Each piece is Crafted with love by hand, Waist beads improve digestion and circulation. The beads are also thought to help with weight management, as they can act as a visual reminder to eat healthily and stay active.
wearing a waist beads can be a fun and creative way to add pop of colour and interest to an oufit, and can be way to make fashion a statement.
We also personalizing them with Names and messages.

Traditionally waist beads have been used in many African cultures as an effective form of weight management either rolling up or down to indicate weight gain or loss. Daily use causes engagement of stomach muscles depending on the original location of the beads along your waist in an attempt to keep waist beads at desired location.
PLEASE measure your waist to ensure that your beads sit on the area that you desire. To easily measure your waist, choose a location along your waist or under your navel where you would like your beads to sit and wrap a string or fabric measuring tap around that area of your waist with your stomach relaxed. Do not hold the string or measuring tape around your waist tightly as that may cause a wrong measurement or a tightly fitted set of waist beads (which will ultimately end up rolling up to the next smallest area along your waist). If you are using a string to measure your waist mark on the string the area that the two ends meet and using a ruler or whatever other measuring device you own to measure the string. This is in case you happen to own one of those metal measuring tapes that aren't really that flexible.

PLEASE contact Us if the size you want is not listed and we can work something out. Also we can do custom orders so contact Us if there is something you have in mind that you are not seeing in my shop.